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    • a hardship and is flagged as such evn has a congressional but the still seem in no hurry the have not ask for anything I have summited a nexus letter form my DR ORTHRO. anything else to do besides wait
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    • good day rotor my appeal is 16 months old awaiting a DRO review Peggy says they are suppose to look or make a decision bye June 2 2013 DAV says the same I have been working on my claim mostly with help for the forum DAV very little help my claim is
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    • thanks for your help can not figure out how to post on forum
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    • what they are saying the DAV is telling the same thing. I filed my appeal on jan 20 2012
  • pmartin gave a shout to pmartin ...
    • I am waiting a DRO review for my appeal for my back , I have been waiting 16 months Peggy says the DRO is suppose to look at it bye June 2 2013 or make decision bye this date lol a control date my claim is flagged hardship can I put any stock in w
  • pmartin gave a shout to ...
    • Thanks for your help rotor just recieved 80 percent award.. VBN ROCKS A GREAT TOOL

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